Time Lapse of Pictures from Space - (nebraska) - Space Balloon

Time Lapse of Pictures from Space - (nebraska) - Space Balloon

4 years ago, the weekend before I started medical school I decided to get my girlfriend at the time (now wife) to help me send up a space balloon. This was at the beginning of the craze and all I had to go off of was a couple parts list and put together many pieces from different projects to make this work. Bought cheap canon camera to run alternate firmware on in order to create time lapse. Bought cheap Boost mobile phone that game with free data for month in order to text myself the gps coordinates of phone. Added extended battery to phone that ran off AA's from energizer. Secured it all in cheap beer cooler. Added weather balloon, rented helium tank from party company. Somehow it ended up working out, but took a couple 1 hour drives to search for the small box in a large farm area. Totally worth it in the end with the pictures I captured. Check out a small portion of the pictures below as well as a time lapse video on youtube. Check out flickr album for all the pictures, https://www.flickr.com/photos/33632129@N08/sets/72157638392789614/page1/

Flight Map in Nebraska

http://austinandersen.wix.com/space for more pictures and information

Blowing up Balloon with helium tank

Landing gps coordinates sent from boost mobile phone


Near Highest point before balloon pops

Balloon Popped!

Retrieval, was stuck in tree